The sad but true catalyst of digital transformation on Legal area after pandemic issues

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The sad but true catalyst of digital transformation on Legal area after pandemic issues

Altough COVID-19 are devastanding the economy standards, killing thousands of people, and also changing older regulations, it probably will change our view and show in the big picture a new perspective.

The concept of data driving in departments could be important in several areas. But i think the brazilian legal areas had a new chance to recreate workflows and produce a new chapter on how CFO and CEO seeing Legal Services. 

First Step

Be honest with yourself. Take a time to ask (no regrets and with open mind) to the C-Levels if they approve the experience with legal departments and its professionals profiles, when they need a objective and quickly answer under the bias of mitigate finnancial disbursements?

Second Step

It probably the worst part understand this new standard. But, lawyers are used to argue in a path that does not matter to business; in the end of the day, C-Levels are concerned with just on point: the Company survival. 

 Third Step

It is a natural repulsion when lawyers do not want to convert legal language into legal data. But in the new economy, it is essential understand this new role that lawyers have to know to keep the job. 

In other words, it is probably not about just the legal thesis that you can write that you an prove your excellent background and skills, but how you can demonstrate a legal matter about the company business issue, with no boring vernacular and with the same authority of a judge or made by a conservative lawyer, but in a wiser and more contemporary way. 

This is the Data era. Do not forget.


Hard times needs wiser solutions. And it is not the label or proficiency of famous lawyers that will give to your legal department factual observatory about the company; legal data will do more for you.

Choose to invest finnancial and human resources to have a assertive legal data; that is the whole point about a new model. 

The Enlighten consultancy can provide to you a Legal Operations sector in your firm, with technology and lawyers that really want to change how the things works in Legal area. 

In other words, do not waste any peny in legal area before consulting how we can do better for you. 

This is the opportunity to made the difference.

Think different. #Be Enlighten

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